Custom work  halted at this time.

Memorial  items

Bridal tags


Keychains /Branding


...and so much more.  Shown are some samples of custom items made for our clients.

Custom Designs

From Your Treasures

We can take old letters, photographs and more, and merge them together graphically to make a beautiful keepsake


Bridal parties, special aunts or loved ones... we can create custom artwork and add the touches to make the finished piece as spectacular as the person we are creating it for.


Sometimes you just need to commemorate those who mean the most to you.  Give us your specifics and we will make your vision come to life.

Bridal Bouquet Tags

It is most important to not only carry the bouquet, but to carry the memory of a loved one as well.  Submit a photo to us and we will place your memory under glass and customize it to just the way you want it to be remembered.

Photos submitted by customer and published with permission.

Photo credit:  Michelle A. Photography


We can take an old photograph and restore it using graphic design techniques.

Photo published by permission of our customer.

From Children's art

Keep those treasured moments by your side forever via a keychain...or close to your heart with  a necklace.

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