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Keeping it Simple

Updated: Oct 20, 2020


My little business card binder has become the answer to my OCD dreams! Okay. I could have went and purchased a "regular" business card case...but that idea just does not mesh with my ever creating mind.  My stack of cards from associates was increasing by the day...and this was just too much fun.

On a trip to my local Staples Business Depot for copies...I passed by lovingly stacked bins of tiny binders. Yes ...just inside the door so everyone would pass by them...and yes it worked on me!  Too cute for words...these little creatures stand 4" tall x 3.25" wide.  I had no idea what I wanted it for, but knew I had to have one. Available in several colors, I opted for the plain white with black trim.  $2.00 ...and a very happy girl.

I popped it on my studio desk beside a stack of business cards...and as if it was meant to be, the idea was created.   Here is the inside of the case before I removed the paper. Pretty simple...but the best ideas are that very kind!

I used the existing paper from the binder as my template to punch the business cards.

Too easy.  Below is how cute it looks in the binder.

The cover has a little clear window pocket for you to put your photo or information of choice.  I chose a pretty business card for mine.

Now, this is not rocket science, and I don't claim to be a genius here. Just being resourceful.  Simplicity at it's best!  I'm pretty sure I will be back to buy more and separate the types of business cards into different binders. I could have went an easier route, but that just would not have been fun. I can put this in my briefcase, my purse of just leave them on my desk.  I don't care that they don't have separators, however I can easily add little tabs on them to organize.  In any case...try it! They are SO cute!!!!!

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