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Wish Upon A ...

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Memories of playing outside as a child seems like such a distant memory. With the age of electronics, so few children spend their time outdoors playing...enjoying nature, and taking advantage of the simple things in life.

  As children, most of us picked the dried up old dandelions, holding their precious promise in our little fingers, squinted our eyes shut as tight as we could.....and blew those little wishes right off their stem.  

 They are faint memories, but the beauty of it is, that children today still continue this ritual....hoping with every breath they take will make a dream come true. It is a simple practice that defines the love of hope.

  Keeping this memory close to your heart is easy with this hand made pendant.  Here is to keeping our dreams alive!!  (necklaces can be found in the Shop)

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