1893 Allegretto Vintage Sheet Music Necklace

  • Over 125 years old! It is not very often one chances upon sheet mustic dated 1893...but we did.  Each of the vintage music pendants in this collection are one of a kind using the actual sheet music as the art.  Each is a piece of history, and a collectors item based on its age.


    * OOAK (one of a kind )

    * Set on an antique bronze setting to accentuate image.

    * Chain is aprox 24" long (hang is half of that)

    * Setting and art is 2"

    * Ball chain clasp closure

    * Glass area is 25mm

    * Actual sheet music portion is set behind glass

    * Sheet music has aged naturally and is colored as such 

    * Setting made with alloy metal

    * Comes as shown


    Necklace is sealed, but it is best not to submerse in water for any reason as it will ruin the paper underneath.