1950 Blue France Vintage Stamp Necklace

  • Unique and handcrafted, this piece is made from an actual vintage stamp.

    Can you imagine? This stamp has travelled the world.  Was it on a love letter? A letter from someone trying to connect with their family?  This secret will only ever be known by the original sender.  Wear this treasure, knowing you are carrying on this wonderful mystery. 


    * OOAK (one of a kind due to the fact that the stamp is real)

    * Chain is aprox 20" long

    * With the stamp and setting, the piece hangs aprox 24" total

    * Lobster clasp closure

    * Glass area is 25mm

    * Actual vintage stamp is set behind glass

    * Setting made with alloy metal

    * Comes as shown


    *Note for Care:  Silver based settings are subject to color change in time. This is the natural process that is brought on by being exposed to the air.  Should your setting discolor, simply wipe with a cloth, or you can use a silver polishing agent.


    ** Stamp is sealed, but it is best not to submerse in water for any reason.


    ** Dates of stamp in listings are either exact or based on the library of Vintage Stamps dates therefore aproximate.