The eagle is a hunter who never gives up when it comes to getting the prize.  He has hidden spiritual truths that allow him to see the bigger picture.  His creative nature allows him to see beyond.


CALL ON HIM:  for a clearer, higher vision.

Eagle Spirit Animal Necklace

  • The Great White North Spirit Animal Collection:


    Known for its wonderful creatures...the Great White North allows you to own your own Spirit Animal !


    * This wonderful piece can be worn two ways.  The first is as shown with the busier face.  If you wish it for a more simple look, remove the chain...open the case and flip the spirit animal over so that it faces the smooth edged side.


    YOUR spirit animal will move and shift as the day passes.  When it does...you have a spiritual connection with him. Call on him when in need.


    * UNISEX necklace

    * Hand made art which has been professionally printed with a pearl like finish...giving it a slight 3d effect.

    * Overall width is 33mm

    * Size of glass dome is 25mm

    * Comes with a 32" chain.

    * Silver color setting. 


    See details for the meaning of your Spirit Animal.