The moose finds joy from accomplishment.  He is proud, headstrong and posesses longevity.  He is true to himself.


CALL ON HIM:  for confidence and courage.



Moose Spirit Animal Key Chain

  • The Great White North Spirit Animal Collection:


    Known for its wonderful creatures...the Great White North allows you to own your own Spirit Animal !


    Let your Spirit Animal watch over you...AND your keys!


    * Hand made art which has been professionally printed with a pearl like it a slight 3d effect.

    * Size of glass dome is 25mm

    * Silver color setting. 


    See details for the meaning of your Spirit Animal.


    Note for Key Chain Care:  Silver based settings are subject to color change in time. This is the natural process that is brought on by being exposed to the air.  Should your setting discolor, simply wipe with a cloth, or you can use a silver polishing agent.


    * Art is sealed, but it is best not to submerse in water for any reason.

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