The Treasures

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Little Critters
Its the little things ...
The Dragon's Lair
Come not between the dragon, and his wrath.
Distinctive and detailed.
Our Feathered Friends
Rise above and you will see the world in a different light.
Nautical & Sea Life
The ocean will always call for us, and forever soothe our soul.
Nature's Wonders
Such beauty is found in nature's little wonders.
The beauty of the wild revisited.
Exclusive Collection
Steampunk style and more. No two pieces will ever be the same.
Beautiful earrings made in vintage style.
Patina Collection
The vintage look of patina revisited.
Holiday Collection
Beautiful one of a kind themed pieces.
Vintage Stamp Necklaces
Necklaces made from real vintage stamps. Wear a piece of history.
Fantasy & Folklore
A beautiful friendship of reality and fantasy in this world of mystery.
Vintage Sheet Music Necklaces
Embrace a precious moment unearthed. Rare and delicate, preserved forever.
Wall Prints
Decor with a vintage feel .
Beaded Collection
The past will always make its way into the future.
Spec Holders
Never lose your glasses again.
In The Night Sky
The day you were born, a star in the sky aligned.
Memorial Collection
Gone but never forgotten.
Guardian Angels
Angels come in all forms.
We can never have enough.
Pendulum Necklaces
Ask the pendulum for a yes or no answer...
Every good book deserves its own story
Craft Supplies
For your own creative outlets.
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