The Treasures

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Vintage Stamp

Necklaces made from real vintage stamps. Wear a piece of history.

green turquoise steampunk.jpg

Nature's Wonders

Such beauty is found in nature's little wonders.

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Fantasy & Folklore

A beautiful friendship of reality and fantasy in this world of mystery.


Holiday Collection

Beautiful one of a kind themed pieces.  

Virgo constellation necklace.jpg

In The Night Sky

The day you were born, a star in the sky aligned.

Silver Deer Necklace


The beauty of the wild revisited.

I did not wake up.jpg

Wall Prints

Decor with a vintage feel .

Photo Apr 12, 10 21 22 AM.jpg

Vintage Sheet Music

Embrace a precious moment unearthed. Rare and delicate, preserved forever.

10y necklace.jpg

Retro Collection

The past will always make its way into the future.

spec black sun.jpg

Spectacle Holders

Never lose your glasses again.  


Exclusive Collection

Steampunk style and more. No two pieces will ever be the same.

i used to be her angel locket

Memorial Pieces

Gone but never forgotten.

Photo Apr 12, 4 26 07 PM.jpg

Nautical & Sea Life

The ocean will always call for us, and forever soothe our soul.

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Craft Supplies

For your own creative outlets.

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