DDK Apparel
Fantasy Pieces inspired by the love of make believe
Vintage Music
Made with 124 year old sheet music!
Steampunk Creations
An eclectic assortment of steampunk inspired creations
Vintage Stamp Necklaces
Agate & Stone
Holiday Creations
Statement necklaces to show your individuality
Bracelets of all shapes and sizes
The Sky Box
Zodiac, constellation & more!
Hand Made and artistic.
Art Necklaces
Glow Jewelry
Glowing Orb jewelry pieces to light the way
Closet Organizers
Tired of the "too small" pants in your "they fit" area?
Spec Necklaces
Been losing those glasses of yours lately?
Memorial creations ...because we will never forget...
Great White North Spirit Animals...and more!
Map Necklaces
Made from actual vintage and current maps. Necklaces,
Rings of all Kinds. Let your fingers do the talking.
Craft Supplies
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We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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